1099-C Income and your Personal Credit Have you filed your taxes yet? It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the tax game, lost track of time or are in a financial bind – nobody can evade paying what’s due. Comparing what you owe to the IRS against money in the bank and wondering if it affects your credit score and credit report to [.]

 · Yes, the federal tax lien will affect your credit score by about 100 points. But, once you get the debt below $25,000, you can request the IRS to withdraw the lien. They will normally do this if you agree to make the remaining payments via a direct debit installment agreement.

 · To make matters worse, a tax lien against your business could even affect your spouse’s financial standing. While your tax lien will not directly damage your spouse’s credit rating, it can make it difficult for you to apply for credit together, as you might want to do if you were buying a home together, or the lien against your business might attach to property you and your spouse own together.

Owing the IRS a big tax bill come April 15 doesn’t automatically affect your credit score, but when (on time or late) and how you choose to pay your taxes (like using your credit card) can. Unpaid taxes especially can take a toll on your credit if they go unpaid long enough.

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The amount of tax you owe is a significant factor in determining whether your credit score will be affected. This is because your credit is only affected once the IRS files a Notice of Federal Tax Lien in court. But the IRS won’t do this unless the amount you owe exceeds a certain threshold. A tax lien can give the federal government a legal claim to every asset you own-including your home, your cars, or other property. And if it reduces your credit score, it can become more difficult.

But once the irs. owe. 9. Checking your credit report. repeat after me: Checking your credit report has no impact on your credit score whatsoever. An inquiry made by you (known as a "soft inquiry").